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About us

【 Specializing in the production of fire accessories for more
  than thirty years 】

        The company founds for 1980 million years,Occupation
            of land 4,000 square meters.The factory district is located
          nearby 329 federal highways,north passes ShangYu the
         port,south Lian Hangyong the highway,the transportation
        is convenient.

    The company after long-term difficultly started an
      undertaking,already had the fixed capital mare than 1000
    million Yuan,the enterprise staff 120 people,technical person
    2 people.

The company specialized production each kind of
 specification carbon dioxide ,the dry powder,the clear water,
the foam fire extinguisher nozzle always becomes,concurrently
camp each kind of spare parts,and have introduced the
advanced equipment,the stream line operation. The product
mainly exports primarily,and links up with the domestic
each big fire company.

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Company to produce fire handle, spray cylinder, hose, bend and so on, and provide a variety of valve matching ...

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